10 Awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Fails


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This one is for all the guys out there racing to find the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. Although it might be a cliche, roses, chocolates and a nice Hallmark will do the trick every time. If you can squeeze in a nice dinner, all the better. Just don’t do anything you see here:

1. Cute, right? Yeah, it’s not going to work on many levels.


resize 2. We get the reason for this but the words “tongue fur” should never be uttered to someone you love. enhanced-buzz-10969-1359563054-0 3. “Honey, please accept this computer mouse as a symbol of my love.” Or you can get divorced. enhanced-buzz-7180-1359561174-1 4. At least it is heart shaped. enhanced-buzz-11907-1359563780-6 5. Nothing says, “I love you” like a homemade Nicholas Cage Valentine Card. enhanced-buzz-30992-1359069058-2 6. “See, it’s funny. I got you chocolate and it’s in a scale because…” You won’t be able to finish that sentence. enhanced-buzz-2548-1359562071-12 7. This is a Valentine’s Day date that will surely be your last. enhanced-buzz-28698-1359564746-0 8. Your and your sweety’s face immortalized in chocolate. Yeah, no. adaptive-images.php 9. Okay, if she really likes Cheetos then go for it. If this is all you bring home, pack your bags. Valentines-Day-Gift-Fails-10 10. Bacon flowers? Seriously? Actually, this could work. enhanced-buzz-11491-1359561469-0  

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