10 Epic ‘You Had One Job’ Memes


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The Interwebs have certainly improved out lives. We can have instant access to useless information to settle a bar bet. We can find a bar that is serving 1/2 price cocktails. We kind find a bail bondsman when we get arrested for refusal to leave a bar. Yes, our time in bars would be far less interesting without the Internet. The other thing the world wide of webs provides are memes. No one really knows where memes come from or who starts them, they’re just there and we’re all the better for them. Today’s dive into meme world is “You Had One Job.” They kind of speak for themselves.

1. I’m betting this painter didn’t take notes when getting his assignment.



2. Up is down. Down is up. Where will this madness end?

3. “I’m not drunk, officer. I was just following the line.”


4. You really don’t want to come back to this one after lunch.

5. This is what happens when you rush off the assembly line.

6. Big mistake or evil genius. You make the call.

'You had one job' meme.

7. Even got the colors wrong.

8. Would love to meet the person who actually stops at this gate.

9. So, was it the box of fixtures that was wrong or the person who opened two boxes?

10. Come on… when was the last time you road in a bup?









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