10 Wedding Cake Fails


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A wedding is one event where  you’re not only allowed to cry, you’re encouraged to cry. Of course, these should be tears of joy and not sorrow because of a cake fail. We can only hope the honeymoon was nice.

1. You really need to check the weather before putting a cake outside.


2. “I’ll pick up the cake for you. No problem.” wedding cake mushed the dtales3. It’s got frosting? cake4. Ummm…. no. 5. Not sure what the slabs of brown stuff are supposed to represent. 6. Wedding cake or volcano model for science class. You make the call. 7. This is actually a sushi wedding cake. Won’t the guests be happy. 8. Words fail. http://www.oddballdaily.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/5-amazing-unusual-crazy-camo-wedding-cake-e1304521377715.jpg 9. Part flower arrangement. Part sofa pillow. cake10. Actually, this one works for me. wedding-cup-cakes

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