11 Extreme Parenting Fails


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We all know parenting is hard work. We also know there are cell phone cameras everywhere. We also know that every state has a division of Child Protective Services. Your honor, I present the evidence.

1. I get it. You want to keep him dry but no helmet?


2. Umm, dad, you might want to take him out of the stroller before you hang him over a bridge.

3. Oh dear god no!!!

4. Python and baby. What could go wrong?

Most Shocking Parenting Fails — 6

5. Seriously?

Most Shocking Parenting Fails — 10

6. Hi. Yeah, did someone forget the baby?

7. Ironically, all this women looked concern that they’re doing the right thing.

 8. See, it’s cute because they’re kids. No way would they ever play with guns without their parents.

9. I get mom, you need a drink. But you might want to rethink the breastfeeding.

10. “Looks like a good spot to set down the youngins.”

 11. And finally, epic parenting even before the baby is born.


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