12 Of The Best Ways To Handle a Blizzard


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Depending on where you live, you could be up to your eyeballs in snow. As long as the power is on, you’ve got snacks and Netflix is streaming you can weather the storm. First day of spring is only four weeks away. Feel better? Maybe you should take the approach these folks have with handling a blizzard.

1. Writing messages in snows banks is a great stress reliever.


B8YD83CIYAEg7Nb 2. You could take the Boston Blizzard Challenge, which is just running around in your underwear like a nutcase. Exhibit A: 107191210 3. Exhibit B: Why run when you can swim in the snow? Boston-blizzard-challenge-jpg 4. Exhibit C: Snowbank diving. 100751854-p-200_171 5. A good old fashioned face plant in the snow can help. Blizzard07 6. Whatever you do, don’t show the snow pile to kids. They can’t handle the truth. BCsuZtuCUAAy0Zi.jpg-large 8.Or send the kid out to do the shoveling. They’ll be fine. Blizzard_2015__5 9. Then again, sometimes it is better to just give up shoveling snow and wait for spring. images 10. Yeah, really just give up. 22187a9eb3ed002eed4996b2ca072b6e 11. Then again, a snowball fight in Times Square will do the trick. 462320514 12. Of course, the best way to handle a blizzard is to get out of town. 746d8aeade4c5ce730aa0f705cb3e727  

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