25-Year-Old Wears Bikini for the First Time With Inspiring Results


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Courtesy Today

Courtesy Today

Talk about confidence!

A BuzzFeed producer’s first experience wearing a bikini has gone viral this week, thanks to the way it challenges beauty standards and expectations. 

25-year-old Jazzmyne Robbins became involved in the project as a way to help a colleague who was spearheading a body positivity project, as well as helping to overcome her own fears by conquering the stereotypes that bikinis are only appropriate for people with a certain body type. 

In the YouTube video, which has been viewed over a million times, Robbins details her experience explaining she grew up amongst friends who were “super thin and super blond and super white,” while she struggled to accept her own body.

“It’s not something I would have done on my own, but I thought, I can’t be the only one feeling this way,” Robbins shared with Today. “Honestly, I was so anxious about it all week, but by the time I got to do it, I was like, whatever, I’m just going to do this.” 

She later expanded on how she hopes her example will inspire other women to move outside their swimwear comfort zone.

“There’s this huge pressure right now to have a beach body or a bikini body, but the biggest thing for me is [to convey] that everyone is acceptable no matter what,” she shared. “No matter your size, shape, skin tone — anything. You can go to the beach and you can feel confident and beautiful and sexy just the way you are. There’s not a certain swimsuit for your body type.”

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