Adele Battles Nerves During Glastonbury Festival Headlining Show


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Adele pushed her nerves aside to deliver a crowd-pleasing performance at Britain’s Glastonbury Festival on Saturday night.

The “Rolling in the Deep” singer revealed she was nervous to an estimated crowd of 150,000 festival-goers in Somerset, England and was so stunned by the turnout at the start of her set that the usually chatty star didn’t know what to say so she moved swiftly from opener “Hello” to single “Rumor Has It.”


She explained she had been coming to the festival for years but had been putting off making her debut because she was so nervous about it, saying, “I’ve been too scared. I’ve wanted to do it all my life,” and within less than half hour, she declared it was the “best f**king moment of my whole life.” After a few hits, Adele compensated for her earlier speechlessness by chatting non-stop in between tracks, with the singer even asking audience members at the very front if they had spoiled themselves standing there all day, and bringing others on stage for selfies. She also hit back at the detractors who complained about her headlining set, by saying, “As you know I don’t really have many happy songs which I think is why some people moaned about me coming tonight but f**k them…. Let’s just be miserable together. I’m here and I’m not going anywhere.” Adele also joked about her “potty mouth” and that BBC executives to had to issue a warning about her expected swearing before the live TV broadcast. She quipped, “I bet they didn’t have to do that for Muse.” Adele won rave reviews on social media and from critics alike with her 90-minute set, which included hits “Hometown Glory,” “Someone Like You,” and newer tracks “When We Were Young” and “River Lea,” which she had never performed live before. The singer had to restart the song because she was out of breath and candidly told the audience, “Can we start that one again? I’m out of breath, I’m not used to all that dancing!… Also an excuse to wipe my sweaty top lip! S**t, I got that wrong.” The 28-year-old also had to briefly halt her set so an ill audience member could be removed from the crowd. Her production manager came onstage and asked for a path to be cleared and Adele, joked, “I hope they’re okay… They’ve probably been moshing too hard to one of my songs or something… Let me know when that path’s been done, I don’t want to start a riot.” Coldplay headlined the final night of the festival on Sunday.

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