Surprised Fans Join Adele Onstage To Sing After They Brought Her to Tears


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Source: Mike Marsland, WireImage

Source: Mike Marsland, WireImage

Thanks to Adele, two guys from Ireland got the biggest surprise of their lives.

A few months ago when Adele released her hit album 25, Irish singers Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard took on the Grammy-winning artist and released their own cover. The duo took on four of Adele’s biggest hits – “Someone Like You,” “Hello,” “All I Ask,” and “When We Were Young” – to create the ultimate mashup.


Murphy and Scolard posted the video to Facebook where it was shared over 127,000 times and viewed 8.3 million times, including one view by Adele herself. According to the Grammy winner, she was brought to tears.

After seeing the video, Adele planned a sneaky surprise for the duo at her latest concert in Ireland. While performing in Dublin, Adele called the two men on stage to let them sing their medley to her sold out audience.

While Murphy and Scolard were coming up to perform, Adele gushed about how great their medley really was.

“Did any of you see it yesterday? For those that didn’t, prepare to have your mind blown,” Adele said to the crowd. “I cried. I refuse to cry again tonight in front of all of you… It blew my mind.”

The pair was shocked to find out they were going to perform right then and there.

“They did not know I was going to do this,” Adele explained. “We brought in specific equipment for you today.”

Check out the video below to see Murphy and Scolard perform the incredible medley as Adele watches on in awe.


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