Adult so Hard With These Easter Egg Jell-O Shots


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Source: Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post

Sometimes when you grow older the holidays seem to fade away and you yearn for the days when you were a kid. I mean, who didn’t like searching for eggs on Easter?

Well, there are ways to get into the Easter spirit as an adult, specifically, with these boozy Easter egg Jell-O shots!


This is a fun and easy way to celebrate without having to watch little tykes run around the yard while you do nothing.

Better yet, you could always put the Jell-O shots inside plastic eggs and hide them around the house. Whoever finds and does the most shots (and is the drunkest) by the end wins!

All you need is a pack of Jell-O mix, a cup of boiling water, liquor, and the egg mold.

Check out how to make these festive, fun eggs below.

How to make boozy Jell-O shot eggsMaking egg Jell-O shots is the adult version of egg-dyeing!

Posted by AOL Lifestyle on Friday, March 25, 2016


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