Amy Schumer Says Her Relationship Is Really Good


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Amy Schumer:

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Amy Schumer is “totally in love” with boyfriend Ben Hanisch.

The 34-year-old comedian started dating furniture designer Hanisch last year, before confirming their romance in January. Schumer spoke about her relationship during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, admitting things couldn’t be going any better.


“We met and totally fell in love and it’s been really good,” Schumer smiled.

The romance then “became viral Internet news,” and the Inside Amy Schumer star thinks she knows the reason for the interested in the pairing.

“It’s because I think he’s really cute and I think people were like, ‘What? Dating Amy? But he has all his teeth.’ and people were shocked,” she joked.

As everyone knows, when you date someone, you end up dating their family as well. But Schumer has no concerns about Hanisch relatives, as she gets on incredibly well with his mother Deb.

“His mom is the most excited person you’ll ever meet in your life,” she shared. “It’s really cute.”

And when she began dating Hanisch, Schumer did her best to inform her beau and his family that they might be approached by media asking about the romance.

However, her prepping of Deb backfired when she was called by one journalist.

“I told them, ‘Look, journalists are going to call you, because it’s what they do and they’re going to come to the house,’ and they did,” she said.

“I told her, ‘Deb, they’re going to call you. Just say ‘no comment.’ She’s like, ‘I got it, Ame. I got it. No comment. Not a problem,'” she recalled. “Not even 10 minutes later, I get a Google alert that says, Time magazine (reported) that Deb was like, ‘I’ve never heard of her before in my life.’ Too far Deb.”

Schumer also used her appearance to speak about the recent controversy surrounding a cover of Glamour magazine which had appeared to label her as being plus size.

Wearing a black top and orange miniskirt on the show, Schumer joked to the audience: “For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m a famous plus size model.”

While Schumer told Fallon that she loves the magazine and the “great things” it has done for women, she added: “But people don’t like being classified. We don’t need these labels.”


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