Amy Schumer Throwing Support Behind Politician Cousin’s New Gun Control Legislation


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Amy Schumer throwing support behind politician cousin

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John Russell Houser fatally shot two women at the Grand Theater in Lafayette, Louisiana before turning the gun on himself.



Following the tragedy, Amy Schumer expressed her condolences on Twitter and subsequently vowed to use her celebrity status to advocate for gun control.   On Monday, August 3, 2015, she joined the New York politician, Chuck Schumer, to support new legislation which will create financial incentives for states who comply with background check system records and punish states that do not.   She says, “Preventing dangerous people from getting guns is very possible. These are my first public comments on the issue of gun violence, but I promise they won’t be my last.”   She continues, “I am expecting backlash, but… I’m very stubborn.”   Cousin Chuck took to Twitter to share their opinions on the weak American background-check policy – Amy retweeted his post.