Avocado-Filled Savory Doughnut Is the New Breakfast Rage in NYC


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Source: Nicole Craine/The New York Times

Source: Nicole Craine/New York Times

Normally known for their intricately sweet doughnut flavors, one bakery in New York City is stepping foot into the relative unknown in doughnut creation: savory.

Doughnut Plant, from the culinary adventures of Mark Israel, announced this week Doughpods, “savory filled yeast doughnuts,” will be available at all four New York City locations.


The savory creations will be available in two flavors – avocado toast and samosa – according to the bakery’s website.

From the New York Times:

“Avocado stuffs one, made with sesame seed dough, while potato and fresh fenugreek (methi) are wrapped inside another. Both are fried in olive oil and sold at his new cafe at Falchi and his other locations.”

The new flavors are already a hit with some social media users.

But if sweet is still your treat, Doughnut Plant is offering up a classic NYC taste in the form of a black-and-white cookie doughnut that is half-and-half white and chocolate cake drizzled with white and dark chocolate icing.

Best get in line now. It’s likely that once word gets out, those famous New York City queues will be coming to every Doughnut Plant location near you.


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