Baby Sloths Are Transported To Their Baths Where The Most Adorable Thing Happens


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Animal Planet Covers “Bath Day” At A Sloth Sanctuary

Here’s your daily dose of cuteness. At the Aviarios Del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, founder Judy Avey-Arroyo has been caring for orphaned sloths since 1992. Part of that care is cleaning the baby sloths, where every Wednesday is bath day.


SlothBath_Flower Sloths are not particularly fond of bath day, so they get a little special treatment. First is a shampoo, followed by a soak in a tealeaves mixture that helps keep parasites away. Then, as Avey-Arroyo explains, “We like to drip-dry them a while before we blot them with the towel.” As the video says, “With baby sloths, there’s no need for clothespins,” as the sloths just do their thang and hang around to dry off. SlothBath_Flower2 After the “tough day” of bathing, the babies are treated to a little snack, a hibiscus flower that Avey-Arroyo explains is like “chocolate” to them. All in a day’s work for these little guys. SlothBath_Sleep Watch the full video below!