Bag Boy’s Act Of Kindness Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


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BagBoy_Image1 A young bag boy from North Carolina is winning over the Internet with a simple act of kindness that is drawing huge praise.


Aaron Sanders is a grocery bagger at Canton, North Carolina’s Ingles Market. Several weeks ago, when a sudden rain storm hit, Sanders rushed to the aid of an elderly woman to help escort her to her car in the height of the storm. With the rain coming down hard, Sanders walked along with the woman holding an umbrella over her to keep her from getting soaked. BagBoy_Image2 Violet Baiera, one of Sanders’ coworkers, saw the scene unfold as the elderly woman wrapped her arm around Sanders and Baiera quickly grabbed for her phone to snap a picture. Baiera thought the moment so touching she decided to share it to Ingles Market’s Facebook page. Once there, the photo quickly went viral drawing thousands of shares and praise from those who saw it.  
Even Sanders himself left a comment on the photo, thanking his mother for how she raised him. “She’s the reason I am what I am…so all the credit goes to her and she cried seeing what all you kind people had to say about this.” There are times when things in the world seem pretty crappy, and then something like this happens and you know once again that everything will be alright. BagBoy_Clapping1

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