Ben Affleck Slurs Through Rant on Sports Show


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Ben Affleck sparked concern among fans when he slurred his way through an expletive-ridden rant on a sports show on Wednesday night.

The 43-year-old actor appeared on Bill Simmons’ new HBO show Any Given Wednesday and was asked about the NFL tampering scandal known as “Deflategate.”


New England Patriots player Tom Brady was suspended due to his alleged part in the 2015 scandal, which centered around allegations that the team had been under inflating the footballs they used to give them an illegal advantage in games. Affleck is a close friend of Brady’s, and used his appearance on the program to reveal his feelings about the allegations against the sportsman. “We’re running our greatest player ever through… this, this mill of humiliation and shame, which is totally unwarranted for the sake of our own bruised egos and our embarrassment and to paper over our mismanagement,” he ranted. Clearly feeling strongly about what he was saying, Affleck frequently cursed as he attempted to get his point across. But his emphatic delivery caused concern among many fans, who commented that the actor appeared to be slurring.
Some speculated that he may have had a drink prior to the show being filmed, with one writing: “I think Ben Affleck is drunk. His face looks red and puffy and he seems to be slurring.” Another added: “Liked the show but it seemed as if Ben Affleck was slurring drunk or having some sort of seizure… #AnyGivenWednesday.” Others said it seemed that Affleck was just over emotional about the subject, with one fan writing: “Ben Affleck on #AnyGivenWednesday sounds like me when I’ve only had an hour of sleep. Slurring, over-emotional…” However, a source close to the father-of-three told TMZ that Affleck was “stone cold sober” and the nature of his slurring was due to being “passionate about Tom Brady.” “Ben and Simmons got into a heated, loud ‘Deflategate’ debate before the cameras started rolling,” the insider told TMZ. “So when the show started filming at 11am, Ben was already fired up.”

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