Biker Gang Becomes Guardian Angels to Help Protect Abused Children


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Source: YouTube/Yahoo

Source: YouTube/Yahoo

They’re tough, they’re scary, and they protect kids. They’re B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse) – an organization of bikers who come together to create safer environments for abused children and their story is now being shared widely after helping one young girl overcome a terribly traumatic experience.

When “FA” was just 10 years old, she suffered from the abuse of her stepfather.


“I no longer ate. I didn’t sleep. I was in the worst time of my life…I really gave up and everybody around me knew that,” she said in a video from Yahoo uploaded to YouTube.

She was 12 when she decided to tell her mother. Together they pressed charges, but feared for their safety as they awaited the trial that was three years away.

“She was showering with her clothes on. She was always very afraid, always had to check and make sure all the doors and windows were locked at night,” her mother said. “Before they came.”

Enter: B.A.C.A.

Things soon changed for FA and her mother. They no longer had to be afraid to do normal things.

“These children become part our family,” Biker-dad, vice president of the Los Angeles B.A.C.A., said in the video. The children get their own road names, biker gear, and anytime they’re afraid, “they just call us.”

Source: YouTube/Yahoo

Source: YouTube/Yahoo

B.A.C.A. will do whatever it takes to keep someone safe, from patrolling their house all night, to walking them to school, therapy, or court.

“Tombstone,” president of B.A.C.A., said, “We are scarier than their perpetrator. We are scarier than their demons. And it works.”

For the first time in three years, FA’s mother said she saw her daughter relax. The gang stayed at her house all night and all day in shifts.

When it came time for her trial, FA had to testify against her stepfather.

“I looked over and I saw my stepdad just staring at me and I felt like I could have passed out or died just from his glare,” she said. But then she looked and saw B.A.C.A. sitting in court with their thumbs up, encouraging her that they were there and that she had nothing to be afraid of.

Her stepdad was eventually sent to prison and FA had the confidence to go on to college full-time.

Check out their emotional journey in the video below.


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