Billy Zane in Talks for Spider-Man Villain The Vulture


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Billy Zane in talks for Spider-Man villain The Vulture - report

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Billy Zane is said to be in final negotiations to play Adrian Toomes and his evil alter ego in director Jon Watts’ new movie, according to a photo of a cast list posted on Reddit.



Filmmaker Sam Raimi had previously planned to bring the The Vulture to life in his original movie series, with John Malkovich tackling the role for the scrapped Spider-Man 4.   Meanwhile, the leaked cast list also suggests American Pie funnyman Jason Biggs is nearing a deal to play Spider-Man foe Mac Gargan, aka The Scorpion, as is Hugh Laurie, who is allegedly interested in portraying J. Jonah Jameson.   Actress Rachel G. Fox is alleged to have landed the role of Mary Jane Watson, with Homeland’s Timothee Chalamet as Harry Osborn.   Forest Whitaker, Miranda Cosgrove and Tyler Posey are also noted as “in talks” for the supporting roles of Robbie Robertson, Betty Brant and Ned Leeds, respectively, and Robert Downey, Jr. is listed to make a cameo as Iron Man/Tony Stark.   Bosses at Marvel and Sony Pictures, the studios behind the project, have yet to comment on the rumored cast additions, which emerge weeks after Tom Holland was announced as the new Spider-Man, alongside Marisa Tomei as his Aunt May.   The blockbuster is scheduled for release in July, 2017.

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