Cat, Chimp Getting Stuck on Electrical Lines Captivates Internet


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Source: ABC News

Source: ABC News

Two incidents of stranded animals have held the collective breath of the Web in check this past week.

First, in the battle for her life, Miss Kitty, a cat owned by Princeton, British Columbia, Canada resident Bill Backhall, became stuck on the top of a 60-foot telephone poll for four days. The power lines she was on carry 138,000 volts of electricity.


Backhall attempted to cajole the scared feline down, but she wouldn’t budge. With vultures roaming nearby, Miss Kitty would soon be cat meat. However, thanks to social media and the hashtag #savetheprinctonbccat, the company BC Hydro decided to send workers to save Miss Kitty, driving nearly three hours to get her.

According to ABC News, Backhall thinks Miss Kitty was possibly scared by another cat and decided to climb the pole.

Caring neighbors even put mattresses around the pole in case Miss Kitty decided to make a daring leap, or, you know, just fell.

Now, the one-year-old Tabby is safe back at home with her owner.

Source: CBC

Source: CBC

This news comes at the same time a chimp from a zoo in Japan also scaled telephone poles in order to escape.

A chimpanzee named Chacha from the Yagiyama Zoological Park in Sendai, broke free and continued to avoid capture by climbing the telephone poles.

A video posted to YouTube shows the chimp trying to scare off rescuers and nearly falling as he does so. He was on the run for about two hours.

Chacha was shot with a tranquilizer in the back, according to the New York Times, while on power lines, although that didn’t seem to slow him down until he was perched atop a pole and suddenly fell, hanging onto a power line with one hand.

He dangled for about 20 seconds until he let go, hitting a building on the way down. There, he was captured by rescuers and treated.

Chacha was not hurt, according to the Times, but still recovering from sedation. It is not known how he escaped, but the zoo is investigating.

Take a look at Chacha’s harrowing scene.


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