Up-Close Tornado Footage Must Be Seen to Be Believed


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Mind-blowing up-close footage of a tornado has gone viral this week.

Storm chaser Reed Timmer got up close and personal to the large vortex of wind and debris that engulfed Wray, Colorado on May 7. Timmer uploaded the video footage to YouTube page AccuWeather where it’s racked up over 1.5 million views in just days. Timmer offers numerous up-close views of the funnel and it’s resulting destruction, which left several people injured.

USTornadoes.com explained why the Colorado area is prone to tornado activity.


“Thanks to the elevation of the High Plains, plus the natural rising air which aids convection due to upslope flow as that elevation is gained, eastern Colorado is prime grounds for big stuff from little ingredients.”

They went on to describe how this specific storm came to fruition, writing, “A warm front and dry line were also draped across the region. It was a mild spring day, but not too warm. Not too moist either. The Colorado portion of the warm sector was largely characterized by highs near 70 and dew points in the mid-40s to near 50. In most places, that wouldn’t be cause for much in the way of tornado expectations.”

In addition to the video, numerous users posted photos on social media of the storm system as it tore through Colorado.

A second view of the twister was uploaded from different storm chasers. Watch it below.

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