Daisy Ridley Epically Responds to Fan’s Spring Formal Invite


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Newest girl-of-our-dreams Daisy Ridley has been asked to the spring formal – a very important social event in any young person’s life. Now that Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been seen by nearly everyone on the planet, Ridley is probably expecting more than a few “promposals” and dance invites from fans around the world.

Kevin Carlock of Davidson College did just that. However, he put together a more than simple plea asking Ridley to his spring formal. Carlock, with the help of a few friends, put together an extensive rap video detailing why Ridley should come to formal at Davidson College.


Ridley’s life has basically blown up since the Star Wars premiere, so the more creative way to ask a starlet out the better.
The video did make it’s way to Ridley who subsequently said, “Your video made my day!” She posted her response to Instagram saying that unfortunately she was somewhere “in the middle of the galaxy” trapped in an “intense” staring competition with Luke Skywalker, so she “won’t be able to make it.”

@kevincarlock your video made my day! Can't believe I only just saw it! Thank you!!!

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Carlock had no hard feelings though. He responded with a message of his own on Instagram saying that “father-daughter staring contests are epic, so I understand why you can’t make it.”

Good luck with VIII @daisyridley

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We definitely give him props for trying! Perhaps Ridley will be free for the next one?

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