Devon Sawa Becomes a Dad for Second Time


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Devon Sawa becomes a dad for second time

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Final Destination star Devon Sawa has become a father for the second time.

The Canadian actor and his wife Dawni Sawa welcomed their second child, a girl called Scarlett Heleena on Monday.


The couple’s new daughter is their second child after she gave birth to a son, Hudson in 2014. “My wife Dawni and I welcome a beautiful little girl into the world – our daughter,” Sawa tells People magazine. “Please say prayers that she is quiet and calm… Unlike my son, who would shoot himself out of a cannon if we let him.” As well as finding fame with his role in the high school horror film, Sawa also starred as the title character in the video for rapper Eminem’s controversial song “Stan.” The 37-year-old star had previously revealed his wife was pregnant with a baby girl in November last year when he wrote on Twitter, “Boy, do I have some news. Or should I say ‘girl.”” During her pregnancy, Sawa, a producer, revealed that her infant son was looking forward to becoming a big brother.
“Everyday this little boy asks to see the baby, then gently holding my tummy he says in the sweetest voice, ‘Come home baby, it’s big brother Hudson,'” she wrote on Instagram. The couple have been married since 2010.

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