Diane Kruger Moves in With Joshua Jackson


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Diane Kruger moves in with Joshua Jackson

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Diane Kruger finally moved in with boyfriend Joshua Jackson after a decade of dating. The German model-turned-actress reveals she recently took the plunge and left her pad in Paris to officially relocate to New York City.

“I just moved this week,” the 39-year-old told The Edit. “I need to unpack and buy some house stuff, like candles and books.”


“(Moving to New York) was a major commitment,” she continued. “That’s a big step into adulthood for me, to allow that time for someone else out of my time.” Despite her big move, Kruger believes she will one day return to the French capital and settle down. “I feel very European and I think that I’m going to grow old in Paris,” she smiled. “I have this fantasy of raising my kids there one day.” The Inglourious Basterds star has long brushed off speculation about if and when she will marry 37-year-old Jackson, and she still isn’t committing to anything. “Welcome to my dilemma!” She joked, when asked if she would ever exchange vows with the former Dawson’s Creek actor. Jackson has previously insisted the couple doesn’t feel the pressure to marry as the stars are comfortable in the status of their relationship, although he wasn’t ruling it out. “I can tell you why we’re not married: We’re not religious,” he told Glamour magazine in 2014. “I don’t feel any more or less committed to Diane for not having stood in front of a priest and had a giant party.” Meanwhile, Kruger also admitted she had no plans to watch Joshua’s hit TV show, The Affair, which centers on two cheating couples, insisting it would make for some “uncomfortable conversations.” The actress was previously married to French director Guillaume Canet for four years until 2005.

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