Dog Survives on Highway Divider for Five Weeks


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A dog dubbed “Freeway Frida” has been rescued after five weeks of living on a highway divider.

The German shepherd dog reportedly fell or jumped out of a truck on April 10 in the Californian town of Galt and was wandering along the divider, able to avoid capture for five weeks, reports the Sacramento Bee.


The dog would be seen by drivers and reported to the police, but whenever the police would arrive, she’d be gone.

“People have been calling the police department reporting that they keep seeing this dog, but every time we’re out there, we can never find the dog,” said officer Sylvia Coelho, according to KTLA.

But when the police got a call Saturday that she was on Highway 99, Coelho was able to get a hold of her and bring her in to the VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital.

“Once CHP was able to get the snare on her, she fought a little bit, but then she subsided and just laid down, and those big brown eyes were looking up at us like ‘please help me,'” Coelho said.

Frida had a broken leg and was severely malnourished and dehydrated, weighing only 44 pounds for a breed that should be between 65-75 pounds.

Mike Johnson, medical director at the animal hospital, said she gained three pounds between Saturday and Monday and appears to be around 5-6 years old, according to KTLA.

Rescuers and vets are in awe at how she survived this long on a highway divider.

The next hurdle Frida will have to conquer is finding a loving home.


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