Donald Trump’s Presidential Run Was an April Fool’s Day Prank All Along


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Photo Credit: New York Daily News

Photo Credit: New York Daily News

Well America, it looks like you just got punk’d.

On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel Live aired an “exclusive” announcement regarding Donald Trump’s controversial presidential run revealing that his campaign for president has been one big April Fool’s joke all along.


In the clip below, Trump finally realized just how ridiculous and controversial his campaign has been thus far, admitting that this whole thing was one big prank.

In the video, Trump reveals he’s purposely said “the craziest things I could think of” because he “had no idea it would go this far … but enough is enough, it has to be stopped.”

“April Fools, America. I’m not really running for president,” Trump finally concedes. He’s duped us all!

Trump then urges all of his supporters to vote for his “friend” Hilary Clinton, who could be the next Democratic party presidential nominee.

Obviously, this video has not been tampered with at all… (Wink, Wink.)

If only it was real.

Check out the totally believable clip below.


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