Don’t You Wish You Said That? 10 Awesome Windshield Parking Notes


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Are you brave enough to confront someone who did you wrong? No? I don’t blame  you. After all, there’s a lot of crazy out there. Here’s some inspiration for the next time you wuss out of a confrontation, leave a note and snap pictures.

1. Why bring Stevie into this mess?


enhanced-buzz-5772-1414993055-15 2. Got right to the point. 0537085e-5f9d-4a06-ae23-d4400df75d1e 3. Wouldn’t you love to see video of this? enhanced-buzz-32398-1414993410-17 4. Don’t know whether to admire the detail or be afraid of the poster. (Editor’s note: be afraid) 03ccc8be-53bd-47b0-b42c-8e9d4257ee7a 5. You do not want to mess with Claus. enhanced-buzz-5137-1414989511-11 6. Sometimes a pretty font helps especially when you’re cussing like a drunken sailor. 037e5708-4d33-44ca-9f4e-d08171374cc1 7. Talking about planting a subliminal message. enhanced-buzz-11874-1414991384-25 8. Always help to have a business card handy. 6074ef67-e401-4b5e-be7f-6d8a2b31e550.jpg 9. Okay, maybe they think the polite approach will work. Doubt it. enhanced-buzz-30995-1414992952-10 10. Okay, “yikes” on many levels. enhanced-buzz-31634-1414989571-19    

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