Eli Manning Makes Sweet Tribute Video for Peyton After Retirement Announcement


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Source: USA Today

Cue the waterworks. Following Peyton Manning’s announcement on Monday that he will be officially retiring from football after 18 seasons, fans and fellow athletes have been having all sorts of feels.

As one of the most notable names in football, Peyton Manning will certainly be missed, but stated he felt it is the right time to retire.


“Well, I fought the good fight, I’ve finished my football race and after 18 years, it’s time,” said Manning during his retirement announcement.

Peyton’s brother, Eli Manning and quarterback for the New York Giants, says he’s “happy” for him.

“I am happy, obviously, for him winning a championship and getting to go out being happy about how the last season ended.”

In a further display of support for Peyton Manning’s amazing career coming to an end, Eli, with the help of ESPN reporter, Tom Rinaldi, created a tribute video commemorating the elder Manning’s achievements.

Narrated by Eli Manning and written by Rinaldi, the video features a combination of home movies and professional sport highlights from Peyton’s career.

We see clips of brothers Cooper, Peyton, and Eli playing football together as young children with Eli’s voiceover claiming, “People always say we were raised on the game. That we come from a football family. That’s true. But maybe it would be better to change the order of those words. It’s family then football.”

The sweet video goes on to list some of Peyton’s incredible accomplishments in football from the most touchdown passes in a career, to the most wins as a starting quarterback, to being Superbowl MVP.

It finishes with Eli Manning asserting in his narration, “I know where he’s going sometime in the future.” The video then cuts to clips of  Peyton yelling his signature “Omaha,” before Eli continues. “Nope, it’s not to Omaha. It’s to Ohio, in a shrine in Canton, [the Pro Football Hall of Fame].”

Cutest. Brothers. Ever.


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