Ellen DeGeneres Scared the Bejesus Out of Ben Affleck


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Source: AP

Classic Ellen. The talk show host has a recurring gag on her hit daytime show where her staff members will attempt to scare her guests. Stars including Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, and Jake Gyllenhaal have all fallen prey to the comedian’s hilarious antics.

Now it seems Batman himself, Ben Affleck, is her most recent victim.


The talented as well as recently divorced actor appeared on Ellen promoting his latest film Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeIn the midst of discussing the project and working with Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot, a man dressed as Wonder Woman popped out of the set furniture and “genuinely scared” Affleck. Watch:

When shown the playback of his reaction to the prank, he lets out the most adorable giggles claiming, “that was great.”

If Affleck is this cute in the upcoming movie, sign me up.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters next Friday, March 25.


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