Eric the Cockatoo Refuses to Eat His Broccoli in Epic Food Tantrum


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Source: Eric The Legend Youtube

Nutritionists say broccoli is very good for humans to eat and consider it one of the world’s healthiest foods providing dietary fiber, vitamin B6, and vitamin E just for starters. But is it good for birds?

Let’s find out! This hilarious YouTube video now going viral shows Eric, an Australian 2 ½-year-old Bare Eyed Cockatoo, pecking away at the glorious green veggie.


The owner, who was encouraged by their vet to increase the amount of broccoli in Eric’s diet, gets more and more frustrated with each offering as Eric literally throws the unwanted broccoli off the table. At one point he even picks up the little tin container with his beak and drops it on the floor! It almost sounds like he’s squawking, “Ewww!” Kudos to Eric’s human mom for showing this video to try and encourage kids to eat their broccoli. Maybe she should try disguising it in a fruit kebab recommended by

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