Grow Anything With World’s First Smart Microhabitat


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Source: Kickstarter

Source: Kickstarter

If you’re one of those people who’s never had much success at keeping a garden alive, there’s hope for you.

Biopod, the world’s first smart microhabitat, is here to save the day.


With Biopod, you can grow just about anything. The smart habitat can regulate its environment based on any plant’s or animal’s needs. All you have to do, is set the settings from your smartphone. The pod comes with a downloadable app for IOS and Android phones that can control humidity, lighting, temperature, ventilation, and even produce artificial rainfall.

That might sound like you have a lot of research to do, but the app actually knows which environment to produce based on which plant or animal you have.

On your phone, you’ll first get the option of selecting what you will grow: plants, animals, or decor. From there, you can select which animal or plant you’ll have, and the tank will do the rest!

It was developed by Canadian biologist Jared Wolfe originally for the purpose of mimicking the “pristine habitat of a rainforest in order to help save endangered frogs from extinction.”

Three versions of the tank are currently available: Biopod One, Biopod Terra, and Biopod Aqua. Biopod One is designed for smaller animals and cultivating herb or vegetable gardens. Biopod Terra is designed for larger plants and animals, as well as for decor, while Aqua “works like a complete ecosystem, where the fish in the aquarium provide nutrients to the plants through a permanent active filtration system that incorporates a living wall,” according to the Kickstarter campaign.

The company has online fundraisers on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but they have more than surpassed their goals, meeting their $30,000 goal by raising $414,000 on Kickstarter.

You can pre-order a tank from their website, thought they warn due to popularity, there may be some delays in delivery.


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