Husband Experiences Labor Pain as the Sweetest, Craziest Mother’s Day Gift Ever


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Credit: YouTube/Ron Holderness

Mother’s Day is next weekend, and if you’re like most husbands/dads/kids in America, you’re probably staring at a wall desperately trying to piece together the subtle clues your mom or wife has been dropping over the past few weeks like it’s the end of The Usual Suspects. And just like in that movie, you’re probably not going to figure out the mystery until it’s too late (spoiler alert).

But YouTuber Penn Holderness showed husbands around the world that the best way to make your beautiful wife beam with happiness isn’t chocolate or flowers. It’s putting yourself through unimaginable pain, recording it, and putting it on the Internet for millions of people to see. No, but seriously…it’s really quite sweet.


In a video from 2015, Penn decided that he wanted to do something truly special for his wife that would help bring them closer together. As a husband, he was there with his wife during the birth of their children, but he knew that there was really no way to understand the pain she endured to bring them into the world. But with the help of some electrodes and a doctor – who really is smiling way too much for what he’s doing – Holderness got pretty darn close to experiencing the pain of child birth.

For the most part, Penn took it like a champ. His wife, whose sadistic grin confirmed that she was in fact the mastermind behind this idea, showered her husband with the annoying platitudes and pointers that mothers get during labor in an attempt to show Penn why mothers can be so angry with their partners during labor. Apparently, the last thing you want to be when you’re going through torture is annoyed.

It didn’t take long for her smile to turn to genuine guilt, though, giving Penn’s wife the experience of a helpless husband who wants to help but can’t. By the end of the experience, the happy couple had a sweet moment of mutual understanding and a deepened love and respect for each other. Because the easiest way to put the spark back into your relationship is with electrodes to the abdomen.

The YouTube community widely considered Penn to be an incredibly sweet husband while wives, girlfriends, and moms from all over joked that they want to buy the device for their significant others.

It just goes to show how little this humble Your Daily Dish writer knows about women. Van Gogh cuts off his ear for a woman and it’s crazy and weird, but this guy electrocutes himself on camera and it’s beautiful and sweet. Like every other guy in America, I think I’ll just stick to flowers.


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