JetBlue Made Crying Babies Very Popular on a Recent Flight in Honor of Mother’s Day


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Source: JetBlue

Let’s be real, nobody is ever happy to see a baby on an airplane. In honor of Mother’s Day, the folks over at JetBlue decided to change that stigma rewarding their passengers for every crying baby.

JetBlue’s new #FlyBabies campaign aims to focus on the special bond and relationship between a mother and child. JetBlue’s director of brand management and advertising, Elizabeth Windram, shared a statement with Today explaining on how they want to highlight how hard it is to travel with an infant and how a simple smile can make a huge difference.


“JetBlue’s mission is Inspiring Humanity, and we love to look for opportunities to bring people together,” Windram shared. “People smile at babies everywhere, except on planes! For Mother’s Day, we wanted to acknowledge how moms (indeed all parents and caregivers) often feel stressed while traveling with children. We hoped to shed light on how hard it can be to fly with a baby and show how a little caring, even a simple smile, can really help improve the situation for everyone. We are also proud to highlight how caring our crewmembers are every day to all our customers.”

During a flight on April 14, JetBlue surprised their passengers with a chance to win a round trip flight. Each time a baby cried, the travelers would receive 25 percent off their next trip. Luckily, there were five babies on board the cross country flight from JFK to Long Beach, California and boy, did those babies live up to expectations. Four out of the five babies had a little meltdown, resulting in the passengers receiving a free round trip ticket for their next trip. Check out the video below.

Unfortunately, it was only a one time event, but we still have to give props to JetBlue for reminding us while we think traveling is stressful enough, imagine what it’s like with an infant.

Next time you travel and see a baby, remember to smile!


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