Jimmy Jam Opens Up About Prince’s Hip Issues


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Jimmy Jam opens up about Prince

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Prince’s longtime friend and collaborator Jimmy Jam has shed some light on the superstar’s hip issues, which may have contributed to his demise.

Reports suggest the “Purple Rain” hitmaker suffered an alleged overdose of painkiller Percocet in the days before his death on Thursday, and some outlets have speculated he might have been taking the drugs to help combat hip pain.


The ever-private star never went public with his health issues, but producer pal Jimmy Jam discovered Prince was suffering through their mutual friend Morris Day, the lead singer of The Time. “He actually had hip-replacement surgery and we did a reunion tour around 2009/2010 and I remember Morris was raving about it and he said, ‘I’ve gotta tell Prince, I should have done this a lot earlier,'” Jam told Access Hollywood. “I knew that he had the surgery that I thought he had… If he didn’t, he was in pain, like, unbelievable (pain), because that’s the way Morris felt too.” But Jam still can’t believe the stories suggesting Prince may have been dependent on pain pills: “He’s never really been a drug-taker of any sort. He has always lived a very clean lifestyle.”

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