Jon Bon Jovi Surprises Cancer Patient After Photo Campaign Goes Viral


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Source: Facebook Rosie Skripkunis

Source: Facebook Rosie Skripkunis

Thanks to a viral Facebook campaign, a woman battling stage-4 lung cancer had her dreams come true.

Over the past five months, Carol Cesario has undergone numerous surgeries and spent a good amount of time in the hospital. One of Cesario’s daughters, Rosie Skripkunis, posted a photo of her mother in her hospital bed with a picture asking to help her meet her idol, Jon Bon Jovi.


The Facebook picture quickly went viral and caught Bon Jovi’s attention. Skripkunis was then able to make a plan with Bon Jovi’s team for her mother to meet the New Jersey rocker. Skripkunis arranged for them to meet in a restaurant in Toms River, New Jersey, but kept the whole thing a secret from her mother.

“I lied to her,” Skripkunis shared with NBC Philadelphia. “I told her I wrote to his restaurant, that they said they couldn’t pass fan mail on, but that they had invited us for a free meal. It was a free meal, but it was a free meal with Bon Jovi there.”

Cesario was clueless about the surprise and was shocked when Bon Jovi walked into the restaurant. Check out her reaction in the video below.

Bon Jovi spent over an hour with Cesario and her family. During that time he let Cesario listen to his new album and even gave her a special signed guitar.

“It was a very emotional and amazing day for our whole family and we thank you all so, so much,” Skripkunis wrote. “You have no idea what this meant to us. This is a day we will never forget. Thank you so much for these memories with our mom and her Bons.”

It was definitely a day Cesario will never forget.

“She has been randomly crying since it happened,” Skripkunis shared with the Huffington Post. “I think she’s still in shock.”

Check out Cesario’s GoFundMe page to help support her through her battle with cancer.


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