Kristen Stewart’s Girlfriend ‘Very Much in Love’


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Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart’s girlfriend Stephanie Sokolinski has confessed she’s in a “happy relationship” and very much “in love.”

The Twilight star and French singer/actress sparked rumors of a romance earlier this month after they were photographed openly kissing on the streets of Paris, and holding hands during a romantic stroll in the city of love, but neither have confirmed the relationship.


However, in a new interview with W Magazine, Sokolinski, also known as Soko, seemingly confirmed the pair’s love while discussing the often lewd direct messages she receives on Instagram.

When asked what she would say in a direct message to someone she was hoping to date, Sokolinski answered, “Oh man, I have no idea. I think if I was in the need of doing that right now, I would totally be able to come up with something. But I’m very, very, very in love and very happy in a relationship, so I don’t have that urge.”

The interviewer then asked if she met her current girlfriend through a DM, prompting Sokolinski to reply, “No. It was very OG (traditional).”

Ironically, Sokolinski and Stewart have dating history in common – the French star also briefly romanced Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

Talking about her decision to move to Los Angeles to seek work, Stephanie told W, “It was the best thing ever! Three nights in, I went out and met a girl who was like, ‘Hey, I like your music, I work for a label and we would love to sign you. Where are you staying, do you need a place to stay?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah I do.’ That same night I had a blind date with Robert Pattinson!”

She didn’t elaborate on her get-together with Pattinson, who dated Stewart on and off while they were filming the Twilight movies.


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