Laundry Folding Machine May Revolutionize Housework


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Courtesy FoldiMate

If a new start-up product lives up to its billing, it may change the way we do laundry forever.

The FoldiMate is a robotic machine that its’ makers claim can not only neatly fold an entire load of laundry, but can do so in half the time than it would normally take.

The boxy machine is designed to sit on top of a table, washer, dryer, or other flat surface. According to the company’s website, users simply have to clip clothing onto the machines sorter, where it will then be automatically folded in approximately ten seconds.

The FoldiMate can handle most items including shirts, pants, and towels. However, large items such as sheets and small items like socks are still beyond its supposed capabilities. The company also claims that the machine will reduce wrinkles.

The company’s website explains the benefits of the device as such:

“FoldiMate is like having a friend that folds the laundry for you. All you have to do is easily feed it using our patented Easy Clipping™ feeder which takes about 3 seconds per item. It takes an average person to fold more than 3 seconds (our founder was caught spending 20 seconds folding a shirt).

“Even if you fold faster than clipping, folding a full load of laundry is akin to using a dishwasher over doing the dishes by hand. Feeding around 20 items makes up most of your laundry and we’re still working on ways to increase the capacity.

“Plus, your clothes will be neatly folded every time!”

While the FoldiMate isn’t scheduled for release until sometime in 2018, there’s already anticipation built around it.

Over 100,000 people have signed up to be notified when pre-orders open up next year. The device is pegged to cost somewhere between $700 and $800, though the company is offering 10% off the final purchase price to anyone who puts down a $100 down payment.