Legos Bring a Working Dad and His Son Together in the Best Way


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Source: YouTube/Lego

Source: YouTube/Lego

It’s no question that people today work some of the longest hours in history.

Technology makes it especially hard to disconnect from work, and sometimes, this can negatively affect families, such as 6-year-old Hsiao Feng and his father. Hailing from Taipei, Taiwan, which has some of the longest working hours in the world, Feng opens up in a video from Lego about his father constantly being tired.


In the video, the young boy makes an impressive and “unbreakable” vehicle out of Legos and says he will give it to his dad, who fixes cars for a living, so he won’t be tired anymore.

Then, just as his father is getting out of work late one night, Lego broadcasts the video on a huge screen on the Taipei Arena as he approaches. The dad instantly recognizes his son on the screen and takes out his phone to begin recording the moment.

Obviously touched, Feng’s dad told the Lego team, “Hsiao Feng has always been very imaginative, but I never thought that he would use his imagination with the purpose of sharing my burden.”

He then addressed his son directly, “Thank you for always wanting to leave the best for me. I promise to spend more time with you.”

Watch the full and touching video below:

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