Little Boy Won’t Let Dad Near His Batman Cake


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Source: YouTube/America's Funniest Home Videos

Source: YouTube/America’s Funniest Home Videos

One little boy is so delighted to have a Batman-themed birthday cake, and you’d think he’d be just as excited to eat it. But not this little boy. He likes the cake so much he won’t even let anyone near it.

Clearly, the boy is a die-hard fan, even treating his cake like a rare collectible.


In the video, his father goes to swipe some of the icing with his finger, but his son has other plans. “Don’t touch,” the boy says (freakin’ adorably). His dad tries again and again to get a taste of the cake, but to no avail. That Batman cake is just too important. Will the cake ever be eaten? We may never know. Watch the determined young man below: