Little Girl Adorably Teaches Parents How to Count to Five


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Source: YouTube/Ellis Island Tea

Source: YouTube/Ellis Island Tea

Apparently, we’ve all been counting to five wrong. It’s one, two, three, five, not one, two, three, four, five.

The revelation comes from 2-year-old Aaliyah who tries to teach her parents the right way to count to five – and boy is she determined.


Aaliyah is walking with her parents when she attempts to school her dad on the right way to count.

“One, two, three, five,” she says.

“No, one, two, three, four, five,” her dad responds.

“Noooo,” she insists, and the debate continues for several minutes with Aaliyah not backing down.

Finally, her father exclaims, “I teach this every day!” But even that doesn’t sway Aaliyah.

Sensing the debate needs to be settled, mom steps in and tells Aaliyah she’s skipping four.

“All right, count to four,” her mom says, and like magic Aaliyah remembers that maybe four does come before five.


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