Lone Wolf Warms Hearts and Becomes Part of the Community


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Source: Facebook/ WRAL TV

Source: Facebook/ WRAL TV

An Oklahoma community had no choice but to embrace a strange wolf dog that wandered into their community and refused to leave.

“One night, [I] stopped out here and next I know there’s like three or four different families all out here having some beers and stuff and everybody’s sitting here watching the wolf, kind of brought the neighborhood together,” resident Tim Jenne, a.k.a. “wolf whisperer,” told WRAL TV.


Animal control officers have been trying to catch the creature for years without any luck. Officer Kenneth Grant said that when he pulls up with his truck, not a moment later, the wolf is gone.

“She knows who I am,” said Grant.

Even though they aren’t sure whether she’s a full wolf or part wolf, part dog, they are sure she’s here to stay.

Residents don’t seem to mind though since she’s never been aggressive toward anyone.

In fact, she’s cozied up to Jenne and his dogs.

“At work everybody calls me the wolf whisperer,” he said.

The wolf started appearing in the woods behind Jenne’s house three months ago, and with time, eventually found her way into his home and his heart.

The wolf made friends with Jenne’s other dogs and has even been inside his house.

“She’s been gentle,” he said. “I mean, she’s awesome.”

You can watch WRAL TV’s video about the wolf below.


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