Michael Douglas Urges Top Politicians to Get Serious About Nuclear Issue


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Michael Douglas is urging America’s presidential hopefuls to stop bickering about each other and address the nuclear issue after tackling the problem in a hard-hitting new film.

The actor is working on a documentary about a California family who grew up near a Boeing plant at the center of a nuclear accident in the 1950s.


“Basically (it) poisoned the whole neighborhood,” Douglas tells The Hollywood Reporter. “The whole family has thyroid cancer.” Promoting the film The Bomb at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival over the weekend, the Fatal Attraction star said, “The world is on the advent of a new Cold War advancement in nuclear weapons. The U.S. is talking about a trillion dollars to spend, the Russians have their new missiles out. It’s just very difficult to believe. “Maybe, just maybe, we can look at a new generation to look at what I think is the most serious issue that we have on the planet right now.” “We’ve got elections coming up this year,” he added. “Once we get through these primaries and once more attention is brought to just how this arms race is continuing now, there should be a huge discussion coming this fall. “It looks like it’s gonna be (Donald) Trump and Hillary Clinton, with diametrically different opinions on this important issue – one who wants to nuke ‘em, and somebody else.” And Douglas is hoping the people in power don’t wait until it’s too late to discuss the nuclear issue: “The terrifying thing about the nuclear issue is… you’re really gonna have to wait for a dirty bomb. It’s gonna make (the deaths in terrorist attacks on) 9/11 (and in) Paris, Brussels, everything (seem like) a minuscule amount before the amount of people who are going to be killed (sic). “We can eliminate nuclear weapons. It’s really easy… We, as humans, can do something about it. We actually can, it’s within our grasp.”