Micheal Fassbender Shows Off Parkour Skills in First Trailer for ‘Assassin’s Creed’


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The long awaited video game adaptation for Assassin’s Creed is finally here.


Michael Fassbender stars in the duel role as “Callum Lynch and Aguilar — blood relatives separated by a few hundred years and connected through a pieces (sic) of sci-fi technology called the Animus,” shared Entertainment Weekly.

The film is based on the widely popular video game of the same name, which takes place in different eras of history. The film showcases the era of 14th century Spain and the future.

Fassbender was new to the video game when he signed on to the film and began to play them shortly after to help develop a vision for the characters and visual look with director, Justin Kurzel.

“I’ve played it since [being offered the job] mainly to get an idea of the physicality of the character,” he shared with EW. “We’re striving to find something special. We believe the whole concept around it is special and want to service that the best we can. The fans are really passionate, very specific, and they expect accuracy and historical detail. We’re really trying to capitalize and feed on and enjoy the fun element. We’re working hard to make this something special.”

Watch the trailer above and check out the film on December 21.


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