Moving Video Shows Teacher Announcing She’ll Give Kidney To Student


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teacher donates kidney

A heartwarming video out of the Oakfield School District in Wisconsin has gone viral after a teacher was caught off guard in a surprisingly happy moment.

In the clip uploaded to YouTube, first grade teacher Jodi Schmidt surprised the family of an ill student, Natasha Fuller, by letting them know that she was going to donate a kidney to the young girl.

The video features Fuller presenting a gift to Natasha’s grandmother, Chris Burelton, with a gift under the guise of appreciation for how the grandmother cared for the girl. Inside the box was a message confirming that Schmidt was an eligible donor, and planned to give Natasha a kidney. After realizing what was happening, Burelton, in tears, says, “You? Oh my gosh! Here I thought I was coming to school because she was naughty.”

In the video, principal Becky Doyle says that Schmidt started the process to find out if she could be a donor this past December. According to Doyle, the teacher said “I want to do something for this child.” The principal also added, “She found out yesterday that she’s a match in two areas. She has talked with her family and her husband.”

Schmidt herself said, “I’m so excited. I figured I’m O-negative blood and it did just come to me. I think we’re all brought to a certain place and time for a reason.”

For her part, young Natasha didn’t seem to fully grasp the magnitude of the gift, not quite understanding what being a match with her teacher actually meant. However, she was quite excited for one aspect of the upcoming transplant – asking if she could have a Popsicle while in the hospital.

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