New Jersey Councilman Has Perfect Response To Racist Tweeter


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Courtesy New York Daily News

Courtesy New York Daily News

A councilman from New Jersey took a racist Tweeter to task over his offensive comments this past week.

On Thursday afternoon Hoboken councilman Ravinder Bhalla sent out an innocuous tweet talking about a proposed bike lane being added to the city’s waterfront.

In response a user who goes by the name @dubenezic tweeted, “How the hell did Hoboken even allow this guy to be a councilman? Shouldn’t even be allowed in the U.S. #terrorist,” seemingly referencing the traditional Sikh headwear Bhalla wears in his profile avatar. A view of @dubenzic’s timeline revealed numerous Islamophobic tweets, as well as support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Instead of simply ignoring the racist response, Bhalla responded by saying, “Sir, I am born & raised in America. You clearly don’t know what it means to be American.”

Bhalla later told the New York Daily News that he believed the current American political climate has lead to increased instances of hate speech, saying:

“With a lot of the rhetoric we’re hearing from Mr. Trump about Muslim Americans and people who are perceived to be from a Muslim background, I think the spread of Islamophobia from our national leaders sends the wrong message.”

Bhalla also noted that he’s attempting to get in contact with the Twitter user to invite him to lunch as a way to educate him on Muslim and Sikh culture, as well as stressing forgiveness. “One thing [Sikhs] believe in is forgiveness. So I don’t hold any malice toward this individual. In a way, I feel bad for him.”

Judging by @dubenezic’s response to Bhalla’s second tweet, it seems unlikely that the two will be breaking bread anytime soon.


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