New Viral Meme Has the Internet Asking a Tough Question: Puppy or Bagel?


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Source: @teenybiscuit

Sesame or pumpernickel? Golden retriever or black lab?

A new meme is making its way around the Internet, asking one super important question: puppy or bagel? The image, originally tweeted out by @teenybiscuit, was posted on Reddit and has since gone viral. In the photo, different breeds of dogs are shown amongst different kinds of bagels. “I’ve been making these animal/food comparison tweets for a while,” Karen Zack (@teenybiscuit) told Food and Wine. “After the first one my brain just kept looking for possible matches.” This isn’t the first food and animal side-by-side album that Zack has come up with. Other creations include, “labradoodle or fried chicken?” and “shrew or kiwi?” “I’m glad people seem to enjoy them so much,” Zack shared. “It’s fun and I have more on the way.” But the real question still remains: puppy or bagel? As one Imgur user commented, “Why not both?” Either way, you’ll be satisfied.

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