This Owl Riding a Toy Horse Will Make Your Day


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Source: Instagram/Chaco.owl

Source: Instagram/Chaco.owl

We interrupt your daily boring office routine to bring you something truly wonderful – an owl riding a toy horse.

The owl looks very content perched on the back of the toy horse, which wiggles its behind and proceeds to trot around the room.


The Instagram videos were posted by an employee of BiBi & George, an owl cafe in Kobe, Japan.

In a series of three videos, the owl rides the horse, which sings a delightful song as he moves mechanically about the room.

“We’re going riding, riding, riding. Giddy up, little cowboy.”

And ride he does.

At the end of the last video, as the horse stops, you can almost detect the slightest bit of sadness in the owl as he realizes the ride is over.

I know I am! We need more owl.


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