When This Pencil Is Too Small to Use, Grow a House Plant


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Would you believe it if someone told you that you could grow a plant using a pencil? Well you better believe it because Sprout World is bringing pencils to life! Say goodbye to the days of tossing out your unused pencils.

Sprout World, a Denmark-based startup, has developed pencils that grow into vegetables, herbs, or flowering plants once the pencil becomes too short to use. The pencils are made from cedar and the biodegradable capsules replace the eraser of the pencil. The capsules are made from seeds and peat, while the lead is made from clay and graphite.


Michael Stausholm, CEO of Sprout World, partnered with three MIT students who developed the sustainable product. After much convincing, the students agreed to let Stausholm test out the market and sell the pencils in Denmark. After selling 70,000 in 2013, there was an apparent demand for the product and that was only the beginning. Sprout World currently sells 450,000 a month in Europe and has made over $3 million in revenue. These natural and sustainable pencils come in 12 varieties, including basil, lavender, sunflower, tomato, and green pepper.
This amazing pencil turns into a plant when you bury it! Posted by AOL on Wednesday, March 16, 2016
With pencils already being sold on Amazon and in Whole Foods Markets, the company is ready to dive into the U.S. market and introduce new sustainable products. In January, the company expanded and launched their new line of color pencils, greeting cards, and tiny gardens. With the vision to “help reduce the world’s use of resources” and develop sustainable products, Sprout World is definitely a company on the grow!

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