Prince Harry Brings Inspiring Veterans to the Spotlight for Invictus Games 2016


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Source: Facebook Invictus Games 2016

Source: Facebook Invictus Games 2016

After spending 10 years in the British Army, Prince Harry has taken on a new mission.

In May, Prince Harry will kick off the second Invictus Games. The Invictus Games are a mini Olympic type event for hundreds of wounded service members and veterans from around the world.


Prince Harry launched the inaugural games two years ago in London. This year’s games will take place in May at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, Florida. The former service men and women will compete in a variety of events from wheelchair basketball to swimming.

“No one wants sympathy. All they want is an opportunity to prove themselves, and that’s what this is all about,” Prince Harry shared with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America.

The inspiration for the Invictus Games came after Prince Harry attended the 2013 Colorado Warrior Games with several British service members in Colorado Springs.

“I get inspired by them,” Prince Harry said of servicemen and women. “How could you not be inspired by them, just by seeing what they do?”

During a training session with the British swim team the inspiration was evident all around the room, especially with Mike Goody, the captain of the British swimming team. Goody, a RAF AirCraftsman was injured when his patrol hit an IED. He suffered from major post-traumatic stress and lost his left leg from the attack. However, thanks to Prince Harry and the Games, Goody was able to regain his inspiration.

“In all honesty, Prince Harry’s been absolute legend, and literally, he was everywhere,” Goody bragged about Prince Harry. “You know, we couldn’t get rid of him if we tried. He was literally boosting everything, pumping everything, getting everyone going, really encouraging, drumming up support.”

For Prince Harry, it is people like Goody that inspire him to continue the games, making them his top priority.

“I’m not asking for it to become really boring that we constantly go on about our veterans,” Prince Harry said. “But, I’m sorry, anybody who serves our country and puts their life on the line, and then can bring themselves back from an injury like that deserves everything from every single one of us.”

On Wednesday, Prince Harry announced that the third Invictus Games will take place in Toronto in September 2017.

See more about the games below and check them out on ESPN May 8-12.

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Posted by Good Morning America on Thursday, March 17, 2016


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