Rainbow Latte Art Will Be Your New Obsession


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Source: Instagram / Mason Salisbury

Source: Instagram / Mason Salisbury

You’re going to want to give up Starbucks forever because this newest coffee craze will blow your mind.

It’s pretty much the age where food art is everything, because, let’s face it, if it can’t be Instagrammed, is it even worth it?


Mason Salisbury, a barista at Sambalatte in Las Vegas, is making it worth it. His rainbow latte creations are worth whatever price a plane ticket to Vegas will cost you.

Salisbury creates his beautiful and delicious creations by adding food dye to steamed milk.

The only thing greater than the finished products is watching him make them. There’s something so soothing about watching the colors form pretty, edible art.

There has definitely been a rainbow food craze as of late. Who can forget this Brooklyn bagel shop‘s rainbow bagels?

For real, though, we can’t get enough.

BRB, booking a trip to Las Vegas.


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