The Reality of Long TSA Lines Come to Light With Hashtag #IHateTheWait


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As summer approaches, many people will be taking to the air for various trips and vacations, but what used to be an ordinary affair has turned into a nightmare as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is failing to check people through security in a timely manner.

Angry travelers have taken to Twitter to post their frustrations as they wait on lines taking hours, resulting in missed flights.


Airlines for America, an airline trade association, created the hashtag #iHatetheWait to encourage flyers to tell their stories and vent. The hashtag has since gone viral with people posting pictures and tales of woe from airports across America.

Some airports have even gone so far as to hire entertainment to assuage the situation.

The San Diego International Airport hired clowns, yes, clowns to try and cheer people up.

The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport ushered in mini therapy horses.

Although, despite best attempts, people are still pretty pissed at airports.

According to the Telegraph, the TSA blames budget cuts and an increase in people traveling, but passengers blame the fact that there are more carry-ons due to increased fees in checked luggage (which, to be honest, is not the TSA’s fault).

The TSA has agreed to hire 800 new screeners by June, but the union that represents workers say they will need 6,000 new workers to make a difference in security lines, according to the Daily Mail.

I guess, until then, people will just have to arrive at airports days early and enjoy clowns and ponies while they wait.

They wasn't lyin bout this #ihatethewait nonsense #tsa was moving slow af!! #LAX #tombradleyinternationalterminal

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