Replica of Noah’s Ark to Set Sail For Brazil Later This Year


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Start gathering those animals! Noah’s ark is making a comeback.

A colossal replica of Noah’s ark is planning to travel from the Netherlands to Brazil later this year. The ark was designed by Dutch carpenter Johan Huibers and plans to make several stops along the way during the journey to Brazil. According to the Ark of Noah Foundation, the company is working to raise money to help the ark’s journey which hopes to makes four stops along the coast of the United States.


Huibers came up with the idea for the giant replica after he had a dream that a massive flood covered the province of Noord-Holland in the Netherlands. Huibers is calling the model of his ark, “Johan’s Ark.”

“That dream marks the start of an exciting adventure in which Johan overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve his ultimate goal: The building of a replica of Noah’s Ark,” the company shared on their website.

This is the second ark Huibers has created and it has been open for visitors to tour since 2012. The ark also shares the same dimensions that were given in the Bible, about 95 feet wide, 75.5 feet high, and 410 feet long. The total weight of the ark is about 2,500 tons. The ark also hopes to make an appearance in Rio de Janeiro for the Paralympic summer games.

“Once in Brazil the Ark will be using techniques that include virtual and augmented reality to tell original different biblical themes and stories in an interactive and challenging way,” explained the website.

Sail away!

Ark Of Noah Official Promo from Ark of Noah Foundation on Vimeo.


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